The Skinbreeze system combines a unique concept that uses LED Light Therapy and an Orbital Microdermabrasion skin resurfacing hand piece. We also use a highly effective targeted line of Skinbreeze serums in the treatments that is combined with a unique high pressure 02 infusion and spray delivery system that increases the depth of the serums’ penetration into the skin resulting in enhanced effectiveness.



Anti Ageing

90 Mins – £95

Combats the signs of ageing. Targets forehead furrows, nose to mouth lines, wrinkles and under eye dark circles



Acne & Blemishes

30 Mins – £35

Tackles problematic skin by stimulating tissue healing, neutralising bacteria and calming inflammation and redness



Skin Brightening

45 Mins – £49

Lightens and brightens the complexion. Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and discolouration



Under Eye Brightening

30 Mins – £35

An intensive treatment for the eye area designed to soften lines, reduce dark circles, eye bags and under eye puffiness



Wrinkle Reduction

15 Mins – £22

Targets lines and wrinkles by reducing wrinkle depth. A painless, needle free alternative to collagen injections, and dermal fillers



Stretch Marks & Scar Tissue

20 Mins – £25

Refines and softens the appearance of stretch marks and scars by nourishing the skin and stimulating tissue repair and healing



Skin Hydration & Sun Damage

45 Mins – £49

Replenishes moisture loss in dry and dehydrated skin and helps to soothe, calm and repair sun damage


Skin Rejuvenation

45 Mins – £49

Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin tissue. Revitalises dull skin tone to leave a glowing and youthful complexion



Smoker’s Lip Lines

20 Mins – £25

Softens the appearance of lines along the upper lip. Plumps skin tissue for fuller looking lips


Hand Care

20 Mins – £25

Diminishes age spots, helps to even skin tone and intensively moistures to leave the hands more supple and younger looking